Truman Golf Update


Truman boys Golf season is getting pretty far along in the season. Golf is more of an individual sport like tennis. Surprisingly enough, golf is actually a fairly difficult sport. In high school, a gold team consist of five players who play nine holes in a regular match and 18 holes in a tournament. After everyone has played through, the four best score from the team are averaged together to get the overall team score. The season hasn’t gone as smoothly as coach Joey Penner would like it to have but it looks as if the boys are consistently getting better and growing stronger.

“The team has a strong dynamic with each other,” junior Ethan McAuley. “Working well together and having fun is what makes the season so enjoyable.”

It looks as if many of the boys on the team really enjoy playing because it’s typically fairly nice outside and is always nice to enjoy the sun. Golf is a fun sport to watch because you never know how it’s gonna end. Each player has been working hard to gradually get better and a team with that focus has more potential than others. Golf is something many people carry on out of highschool for many years so the ones who are learning young will take that with them their whole life. These boys will go on to show their kids how to play golf and their kids’ kids how to play it isn’t really a sport that you can lose with age and that makes golf a really great high school sport.

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