Is the US in a World of Trouble?


As of last week on Thursday April 6th, President Donald Trump ordered the launch of 59 tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airfield. This is the same airfield where Bashar al-Asaad’s regime let off chemical weapons on their own country that killed many innocent women and children. At first glance this seems like a cut-and-dry case for a response. However, the Syrian Civil War is convoluted, with many criss-crossing alliances. Most people know that Russia is an ally with Syria, which has led to some bitterness between the U.S and Russia. As of now Russian has not responded militarily, so whether this action has created some type of animosity between the two countries and inquiring some type of possible proxy war is still yet to be determined.

The scariest thing though is that this is not the only tree the U.S is climbing up, North Korea is now a concern due to John Mccain’s comments, calling Kim Jong-un a “ fat crazy kid.” Now according to CNN.com North Korea is ready for nuclear tests as of April 13th . I think that even though a lot of the American people are not necessarily scared of North Korea, they understand the threat they pose and also the threat China could pose who is one of their allies as well as one of ours. By potentially starting something with North Korea, we could start something with China, kind of how we did with Syria and Russia. Is it fair enough to say that Trump and other politicians may be biting off more than we can chew, with potentially China and Russia?!

I think this is nothing less than a lot of us expected with the current President we have. This man is known for telling nearly his every thought, whether vacuous or not, not only in formal forums but as well as on social media. I think that this has opened the door for other politicians to feel the need to speak irresponsible words publicly. Now, although America is sort of known for butting our heads into things that don’t have to do with us, I think that with Trump who has no filter at times may be too much to bare. Some would argue that Obama did not speak on enough in his 8 years, but I think that’s the most important skill that each president needs. Presidents speak for a country of people and their actions and words speak more and affect more than just them or their families. And to be honest I don’t think in my generation at least has seen a true great balanced communicator and man who knows when to be silent, bark, and bite. With that being said if anything does transpire negatively between us and the countries I think it would only be fair to share the blame on more than just Trump, although he has already contributed enough to this theory more than enough since being in office and even prior. The nation finds itself at the end of hallway with two doors. Are the government and our politicians are leading us through the doors of peace, or the gates of hell and consternation? It’s a serious question. The days of minor skirmishes have past when countries that possess nuclear capabilities begin attacking each other.

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