Moving On Without Kierra


Kierra Collier, senior point guard, was a strong component to the varsity team, who will now have to learn to adjust without the infamous number 23.  Truman is adjusting to not having her on the team anymore. Although this may be different for a few games, Truman girls are staying on a path to success.

“Collier was a great player,” Coach Steve Cassity said. “One of the best high school players in the country and to ever play at Truman.”  

Cassidy also shares that he still has a very capable team that will be able to embrace a new identity in Collier’s absence.

In previous years, Truman dominated Chrisman throughout the season but was also a great competition for other teams.

“The team will be different, but we can still be very good.  We must play as a unit on offense and defense. We need to improve our effort and communication on the floor.” Cassidy shared.

The final score was  52-49. Now truman stands 8-3, Cassidy still striving for success for the girls team and sees potential in them. They are gonna work through this loss against christman and pick back up .Kierra was ranked top ten in Missouri.

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