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MacBook Pro Review

BY MOMAN KHAN Apple has just launched two MacBook Pro models, a 13 inch version 15 inch version.  Both of these MacBook Pros are compatible with a new feature called Touch Bar, This feature will make it easier to skip through Youtube or Netflix videos. Not just this it […]

Truman Wraps Up The Season

BY MACKENZIE WYATT The season has come to an end for Truman Patriots football season. Their finishing record was 3-7. In the first game of districts they faced North Kansas City. The game ended 28-25. Unfortunately, that was the last game of the season. The score ended up being fairly […]

Creepy Clowns

BY CRAIG STEWART This year’s Halloween has people scared to open their front doors to give kids dressed as clowns candy. It is sad to think that in the 21st century that people are scaring little kids and innocent bystanders for some kicks and giggles. Whether the clowns are […]