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Truman Golf Update

BY MACKENZIE WYATT Truman boys Golf season is getting pretty far along in the season. Golf is more of an individual sport like tennis. Surprisingly enough, golf is actually a fairly difficult sport. In high school, a gold team consist of five players who play nine holes in a […]

What is Apple Red?

BY MOMAN KHAN Apple’s ProductRED   brand released its first ever iPhone. The media seemed to grab the attention of the new iPhone colors in the past but this time it’s a bit different. The new iPhone color has been almost demanded throughout the entire ProductRED legacy. (RED) for those […]

Girls’ Soccer Update

BY TAYLOR SIMMS The Truman Girls Soccer team has competed in four games recently. They didn’t win every single game but each girl played fairly well. While the varsity team was at Pembroke Hill tournament, the JV team competed against their JV and beat them 1-0. This was […]