Students Need to Practice Better Sanitation Habits


Remember my last article when I joked about making a story about tissues? Well, you’re in luck, because this is not that article. But I will be talking about stuff that kind of involves tissues, but not really because it’s about sanitation. Tissues, I guess, will simply be used for the comedic introduction on the article regarding the sanitation levels of our school, and how they can be improved.

My first year of high school was during the peak of the Coronavirus outbreak, so going back to school was obviously going to be different. But while certain measures were taken to stop the spread of the virus, there is still one thing that bugs me, which is how packed the hallways are. For starters, it makes traveling from one place to another very hard, but it also has several students packed into a tiny cramped area. Just imagine if one or two students were sick in that space. I have a feeling that it would spread pretty fast.

Another thing is the food. I won’t complain too much because, c’mon, it’s food! But I will complain about food that’s on the floor. However, this is less of a staff issue, and more of a student issue. I’ve seen people throwing food around or leaving their table a mess, blissfully unaware of the message, “Leave the cafeteria better than you found it.” It’s kind of funny though, because I have a feeling that the people who do so love the janitors as much as the next guy. So how about we make their jobs a bit easier and clean up after ourselves?

Now, one of the most well known issues, being the vandalism in the bathrooms. I’ve covered two stories on this, and the situation hasn’t changed for the better. You could even say it’s gotten worse considering the dark and negative messages are now beginning to be written in permanent marker. Janitors shouldn’t have to deal with our own messes, so the easiest thing to do to make it so they don’t have to is to not write in the bathrooms.

Sanitation is a big matter in the school, and personally, I don’t entirely see it changing for the better. There are still people who are going to ignore the messages regarding what we can actually do. But the things that can’t be controlled, could possibly be altered. Reporting any vandalism and (attempting at) maintaining distance in the halls are a good start. Other than that, the message of leaving things better than they were needs to be insinuated much more, and be listened to.

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