Taking a Second Look at School Lunches


I’m doing a recap on my first ever story, of which regarded school lunches. This’ll cover what’s changed, and how my previous quoters feel now. Has there been a change in opinions or lunches? We’re about to find out.

One major issue I covered was the healthiness of the food. I mentioned how much sodium was in a single dish, that being a ⅕ of the recommended daily intake, as well as the (very little) healthy aspects of the food offered. Checking the school’s meal website, there have been few changes. Some are good, such as the fruits and vegetables staying on the menu, but others are still concerning. The sodium intake has actually increased by a small margin, and regarding the other necessary vitamins needed for health, they haven’t increased, and some have stayed zero.

The general quality of the food and repetitive meals have seen little change as well. I’ve noticed a specific pattern regarding meals, specifically on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tacos or nachos on Tuesdays, and chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes on Thursdays. Not to mention that the options of Grab n’ Go’s and pizza’s are available everyday. PB&J sandwiches and pizzas everyday (if the other options don’t sound good), can be a bit boring or even sickening after a while, and the food would seem generally less appealing to the eye.

Now regarding the opinions of the actual eaters, one person, of which is my brother, Adam Preston, hasn’t changed their opinion since last year (but his brutal honesty kind of has), “My opinion on school lunches has not changed, as the nutritional value and actual quantity have changed slightly. Not enough to warrant a change of heart. Like I stated before the actual changes have been slight but portions are now noticeably bigger than before.” He stated when asked. And like before, he’s not alone. A recent study found that 1 in 5 teenagers are likely to not get school lunches after eating one.

And now, the general problem my brother stated in the first story is getting worse. School lunches are no longer free, but that’s created a new problem: School lunch debt. It’s an issue being covered by several news stations now. So even if people want a school lunch, they won’t be able to get it.

I remember ending my first story on a happy go lucky note, but this time, I’m still going to, but with a little more tough love. It’s really up to the students to decide if school lunches have improved or not over the last year. There are always going to be problems, and not all of them can be solved. But the best thing we can do is keep in mind what we’re getting in a school lunch. A healthy student is a happy student.

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