A New Way to Prep for the ACT


It’s February, which means next month is March, and you know what’s in March. Wait, what? NO, not Pi Day. I’m talking about Extreme Test Day (just as exciting). And for some of you, that means you’ll be taking the ACT soon. Naturally, you may feel a little nervous and maybe a little unprepared. But needn’t you worry! That’s why the ACT Bootcamp is here!

Not only is it a convenient excuse to get out of class, it allows you to take a practice version of the upcoming ACT; and according to Shawn Sotheran, “ACT Bootcamp is a good way to know more about the test and help students prepare for what they’ll see on March 7th. The ACT is a very difficult test with big implications for college. I think the ACT Bootcamp gives students an edge on the test that they wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Now I hear some of you saying, “A PRACTICE version? Pfft, that’s not gonna help any!” Well, it’s not the ACT itself, but it’s pretty close according to Sotheran. “The presentation students see before the practice test isn’t that similar to the ACT, but the practice test is nearly identical to the ACT. The questions are different, of course, but they are very similar to the types of questions on the ACT.” In this case, spoilers are a good thing.

The ACT Bootcamp helps prepare students for the upcoming ACT on March 7th. It’s a near identical copy of the ACT, and students will be able to take it during their 2nd and 4th hour. Did I mention that the ACT also helps with applying for college later in life? Taking the bootcamp is a very good way at increasing your chances of doing well. And that note, I think it’s time to end this story. Wait, did you think I was talking about Pi Day again? C’mon! I’m NOT gonna repeat myself!

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