Truman Hoops: A Look to the Future


The boys basketball program here at Truman High School is undoubtedly one of the best forms of entertainment of the school year. Showcasing crazy dunks, exciting plays, and an energetic student section, it’s no surprise Friday night basketball fills everyone’s schedule. Friday night games are a tradition that will be passed down as long as Truman is standing, which is why focusing on the upbringing of younger athletes is so important. The freshman and sophomore classes are packed with talent. These boys are the future of Truman boys’ basketball. 

One of the key members of the Truman future looks to be 5’10 sophomore Dallas Winda. He’s a shifty guard, looking to make an impact on the sports and academic side of Truman. His goals for his second season with the patriots include getting his name out there to attract offers, while, overall, he wants to graduate as a top scholar. He’s someone to watch out for this season. There’s also fellow sophomore Mark Skannel III. A 5’7 point guard who shoots to play varsity this season and at state by his senior year. These two sophomores will become leaders on the court for younger athletes.  

Looking at the new players joining the program, a few stand out from the rest. Standing at 6’2, Roman Rosenbaum is a forward coming up from the middle school who is sure to develop into an exceptional high school player. All he wants is to fulfill his potential and help the team as much as he can. Lastly, freshman Doral Thompson. A 5’8 guard who aims to achieve 15 PPG and hopefully receive college offers by the end of high school. 

With all this young talent in the program, I wanted to see what Head Coach, Simon Morefield, thought about this season and beyond. He said that his main goal for the season was growth. He wanted his boys to know that as long as they put in the effort to grow and improve every day: they could have a successful season. Morefield was also impressed with the number of freshmen coming into the program this year and explained that “from day one, a large number of them showed up for summer weights. They competed hard in pre-season training. There’s going to be several of them that have the opportunity to play up at the JV level.” He wants his players to be competitive and reach their potential through hard work. Morefield knows he has talented players and hopes they know their effort will pay off in the long run. 

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