A Look at the Truman Daycare Program


I want to touch upon a topic that may be sensitive to some people. Well, a couple topics. But first, let’s establish something that many people at Truman are most likely grateful for: the daycare. It’s a place where the students who have children can drop off their children before they go to their classes, and they can pick them up after school. However, there is some controversy over this.

The birth rate from teens aged fifteen to nineteen rose by 1.4% from 2006 to 2007, which is about forty-two births. This led to many teenage parents (mostly moms) choosing to drop out of school before graduating, which leads to lower income and employment rates. To combat this, some schools, like Truman, implemented social services for the parents.

However, some parents will say that it won’t be any help for teenagers. There are some things that even the Education Director Patti White is aware of. Using Truman as an example, it may have to do with what school some students are attending. “Initially, the program was available to students attending Truman or willing to transfer to Truman only. Some students didn’t want to transfer schools, leaving their current friend groups, athletics teams, etc., which is completely understandable,” Ms. White said.

Opportunity isn’t the only push factor for some parents. The whole idea of teenagers having children is an issue for some people. Rather than making it easier for student parents, they would want better opportunities for prevention by allowing teenagers to gain sexual education. It is argued that having these daycares is only encouraging students to make irrational decisions.

Of course, sexual education is important, but it most likely won’t be as effective for students who already have children or are pregnant. Yes it may help prepare for the future, but the damage will already be done. And it doesn’t encourage anyone to make bad decisions sexually, as it’s only helping the student parents who really need it.

Although I do agree with the first argument. It is a little unfair that only Truman students were to get the benefits the daycare offers. However, Ms. White offered a compromise, “We responded by making the programming available to any ISD student parent without requiring them to transfer schools.  The caveat is that students from schools outside of Truman would have to self transport their children to childcare.”

And the Truman Daycare/Early Education Center isn’t just beneficial for students, but their children. One of the program’s primary goals is, “To provide nurturing childcare in a safe and positive environment,” and, “To build a trusting relationship with teen parent(s).” So not only will the son or daughter of the student gain early learning skills in a positive environment, but it may also strengthen the bond between them and the parent.

Overall, the Truman Daycare is a positive, beneficial resource for teenage parents, for parent and child. And yes, some may argue that it may encourage irrational behavior or leaving schools, but while some argue that, Truman and other ISD schools are providing a way for students to graduate from high school with a plan (another goal of the Daycare). So let’s give a big thank you to the teachers and directors of the daycare for providing a source of relief for many students at Truman.

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