How Truman Prepares Students for the Workforce


Everybody has to start somewhere. Even if you aren’t old enough to apply for a fulltime job, there are several jobs that hire 16+ year olds. And at Truman High School, there are several ways that staff tries to help prepare students for their first job, if they choose to get a part time job, and in the future, prepare them for a full time job.

One of the biggest ways staff helps is finance classes. Simon Morefield is the finance teacher at Truman, and his classes involve forming a resume and managing money and taxes. “My goal is to help students understand what they want from their careers, and how to get there.” He explained.

Money is just one of the reasons why some teenagers want a new job. Another reason is for experience. Some jobs require at least two years experience in previous work. And depending on the full-time job you plan to get, there’s a specific job experience needed.

But the school can’t control what job you get. That’s all up to you, but there are some recommendations. Or more accurately, there are some hiring posters to show what jobs are hiring and where. Most of which are food related, which is extremely common. On the Tuesday I’m writing this, I’m preparing for a job interview at McDonalds. And there’s several people I know who work at fast food restaurants or grocery stores, such as McAllisters, Sonic, or Walmart.

The school offers a good portion of advice to a teenager looking for a job, but they can’t get you the job itself. It depends on you. Your characteristics, your interests, they add up into what makes you a good fit for whatever job you pick. And that job is all up to you. It really doesn’t matter where you choose to work for the first time. It can even be your second or third job, and it’s okay. All that matters is that you be yourself, stay diligent, and step out of your comfort zone every now and again.

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