Spirit Week: Recap


On the first day of me writing this, I am currently in my pajamas, as from Monday August 29th through September second, it’s Beat the Bears Spirit Week. The first Spirit Week of the 2022-2023 school year is designed to encourage our schools football team to beat our rivals from Chrisman, the Bears. This week, its:

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Soccer Mom vs. Barbeque Dad

Wednesday: VSCO vs Frat Day

Thursday: Jersey Day

Friday: Patriot Pride

And for most students and staff members this is a fairly fun time to dress up in fun themed outfits to show their school spirit. However, there are some things that students would change. For example, the variety. Active Spirit Week participant, Laurie Leroy, said, “I would like a little white lie day where students write a ‘lie’ on a white shirt about something that is obvious about themselves.” This would be a unique day that could be fun for students to participate in, and possibly replace older kinds of spirit day not as many people care for as much. It would definitely be the theme for each spirit day. This is another thing that Laurie mentioned, who said, “Although some days are fun to participate in, some days like pajama day are kind of redundant so I’m less likely to participate but I do acknowledge that coming up with spirit days that are school appropriate are hard.”

Speaking of appropriate, there are some things that students should remember to NOT do/wear during spirit week. The outfits must still follow the dress code, such as no spaghetti straps, and nothing that shows undergarments. And if you’re wearing a hat, it must not cover your ears.

But overall, Spirit Week is a pretty fun time to wear fun outfits, appropriate ones at that. And as the second day rolls around, so does Soccer Mom vs. Barbeque Dad Tuesday. Keep in mind though, spirit week is completely optional to participate in, I humanly do not know what to wear as a soccer mom. Although it doesn’t hurt to show off your school spirit and help encourage the football team. 

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