Introducing the new STUCO leadership


There are many important major councils and clubs at Truman High School, one of which is the Student Council, who is mostly responsible for planning events for Truman. And near the end of the 2021-2022 year, they had an election to decide on positions for next year! So without further ado, let’s see who the lucky folks to be elected were, and what they were elected for.

Let’s start with Sebastian Manoza, who was elected SOMO Chair, which helps oversee and plan the Special Olympics, sports for those in the Special Education classes. And that’s not all. Manoza also got the position of President of Student Advisors, which is self explanatory. He seemed pretty happy about his election, and is ready for the job, as he said, “I have helped with the Special Olympics since freshman year and was good friends with Mrs. Foose from that year. And since I’m president of Student Advisory and as such, I have the ability to enable our young STUCO members to help me plan events such as Special Olympics so they can be prepared later on when they are on exec and can plan events as well. I wanted to run for the Special Olympics Chair because I want to make it a big event for our school next year because I believe it’s something we should rally behind as a school.”

Next up, we have the Publicity Chair, which involves making videos and slideshows on the TVs around Truman. This is a pretty big role, as often it can give out important or interesting information that no one looks at (ahem, that’s a joke, it’s very important, check the TVs), such as Student or Staff of the Month, or announcements of upcoming events. Sophia Crimmins was the one elected for this role, and she seems quite pleased about it for multiple reasons. “I ran against Natalie Johnson and Molly Bradshaw. I think that this position is good for me because I feel I am pretty tech savvy and would be able to handle the role. I am also very interested in getting more people involved at Truman. I have wanted to have a leadership role in the student council and I thought this would be a great way to do so,” she said when interviewed.

In addition to Crimmins’ position in the chair, next up is the STUCO Treasurer, Elizabeth Crowe. She keeps track and helps the Student Council with their finances and budgets. She also sails the seven seas for treasure to bring to the school (okay, I legit thought the treasurer had something to do with pirates when I was little). And although she appears to be the right girl for the position, it didn’t seem like she had any competitors, as she mentioned during the interview: “No one else ran for this role, but I think this role is for me because I like to be organized and keep track of things closely. So having organization skills is a key part of being Treasurer for STUCO. I wanted it because I felt it was best suited for me and what I like to do. Staying on track of things and keeping up to date with money seems like it’s right down my alley since I am someone who likes to plan and be organized.” 

Speaking of having no competitors, Addison Jacoby was elected as the Secretary, and the purpose of the role is to help keep things organized and make sure teachers get attendance of everyone. “Although I was the only one who ran for this position, I believe I am the right person for this role because I am very responsible and organized. I want to become friends with the body class and make her experience in STUCO very memorable. This role differs from the other students by making sure you jot everything down and take attendance, versus the other positions that have their own roles they need to pursue. I have had the position as secretary before and I absolutely loved it. It was the people who stood out to me. I loved it and I am so happy I got to share it with them,” she said.

Next up, the Vice President of Entertainment Erynn Boatright, who stands by the actual President of Entertainment and plans themes for games, gets students involved and notified of events, and supports Truman activities. So it’s because of her we can actually have fun at school! (Again, that’s a joke, don’t take that too seriously.) And unlike the last two, she had a good number of competitors. “Several great people ran for VP of Entertainment like Xander Nichols, Hailey McIntyre, and Kimberlee Hildebrandt. I feel I am suited for the position because of my consistent engagement and appearances at Truman activities dating back to even freshman year. Getting involved right off the bat is an advantage I am grateful for having. The outlet of Truman Alumni is also of my advantage while on STUCO Exec.” Well someone’s excited to get to work!

Now onto the main politics (I’m gonna get in trouble with that one aren’t I) with GENERAL Vice President, Catherine Maxey. Her job is similar to Boatright’s, except she also works with the whole exec and STUCO to make Truman a better place and get students involved in the activities happening at Truman. She seemed pretty happy about her role as vice president, as she appears to have wanted a bigger role at Truman. “I have been in STUCO since freshman year and also served on exec the previous year. I’m very involved at Truman and want to better Truman as a whole. I love getting to lead and plan events with my peers and can’t wait to continue that during the 2022-2023 school year. I ran for this position rather than the other because I have experience with exec and wanted to take on a higher position on exec.”

And last, but absolutely not least, we have the Truman High School President, Tucker Deschaine. His role is important for obvious reasons, such as presiding over all Student Council meetings, including creating agendas with the help of the Executive Board and advisors, or encouraging others to take on leadership roles. And although he’s kind of the leader, he seems to look forward to making other people leaders too. “I believe that I am a good candidate for this role because I have been a part of the Student Council for all three years I have been in high school, and I have been on the Exec Board for one year. I also believe that I can help lead people to become better leaders themselves, which is what Student Council stands for I feel that some people do not like to get up in front of others and speak or lead a group, however I have a lot of experience doing that because I have continued to force myself out of my comfort zone continually, which has made me a much better leader. I wanted to run for this position because I felt that I could help make more leaders throughout the Student Council and throughout Truman.”

And I believe that that’s everyone. Let’s give a big congratulations to everyone who got elected for their very important role in Truman. And with everyone coming back to school, everyone will get their chance to make Truman a better school. And on that note, it’s time to play: “How Many People Did I Miss!” (*deep sigh*)

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