Games Add Fun to Learning


I’m going to be honest, learning isn’t always fun. Sometimes it just feels like words. Even in a lesson necessary for graduating or for college credit, each of which is often essential to get a good job and earn enough money to support a family, the words sometimes just turn into blah’s (no pressure or anything). Some teachers, however, are aware of this issue, and they try to make learning more fun and engaging. And I’m not talking about those cringey little dances teachers make kindergarteners do. I’m talking about websites that take the learning content and turn it into a fun game.

There are a lot of websites that teachers use to make learning fun for students such as Kahoot, Quizizz, Quizlet, Gimkit, etc. And students seem to be quite receptive to all of them. “Honestly, I just like the layout of websites like Gimkit and Kahoot, and my German class gets a whole lot easier when I use these,” said sophomore Sydney Snelson.

And just to clarify, these websites are not just for games. Teachers are able to create things like flashcards and reviews that their students can use in games to help them study. According to Frau Gipfert, the German teacher, the results are quite positive: “I think it makes the class more engaging, exciting, and it definitely helps the students learn the vocab better. I have noticed considerably better quiz scores this year because of Gimkit.”

Everyone likes a good competitive game and websites like Kahoot and Gimkit provide materials for learning to make it more engaging. And students’ positive responses to websites like these have pleased teachers. This kind of proves that fun and games are really good for school sometimes. Coolmath, maybe not, but Kahoot, as long as it’s not canceled like Tetris, definitely works.

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