A Closer Look at Preparing for Market Day


There are quite a few events at Truman. Football games, choir concerts, school plays, you name it! But, there’s one event that may not be talked about enough: Market Day. In the days leading up to Market Day, students in Marketing advertise food and treats, often from food places nearby, that they’re selling. Then, they collect the money and bring the ordered food to the cafeteria to be handed out. And while it doesn’t seem talked about as much as other events, there are a good number of benefits that come from it.

For starters, it offers food that most students like, such as burgers, fries, and other drinks that schools may not have. “It’s a great opportunity to introduce Truman to new food, sell favorite foods, and for us to make a little cash,” said marketing student Sydney Snelson. Plus, considering others’ opinions on school lunches, this certainly goes over well with not just the students, but the staff, too. Snelson also agrees that the benefits could apply to them saying, “Things like getting a taste of different food is something I could see being a benefit to the staff.”

This of course isn’t the only benefit. Market Day is one of the ways Matt Simpson, the youth entrepreneur and marketing teacher, helps his students to prepare for a future in marketing or starting their own business or brand. When asked how the experience helps, he said, “The purpose of Market Day is to give my Youth Entrepreneurs students a Project Based Learning experience that takes what we’re learning in the classroom, and puts a real life/hands on experiential factor to it.  On top of that, everyone likes a bit of change in their daily routine and Market Day gives us all that change and some good food as well.”

So the benefits of Market Day are most certainly shared among the school. It’s a good way for students to get work experience and to get food they don’t usually get at school. Today, the students sold burgers, fries, chili fries, root beer, root beer floats, and hot cocoa from Mugs Up, and it was packed day in the band room as the students passed out all of the food that had been ordered over the course of the last few weeks.

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