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German Club: One of Truman’s Oldest Clubs


Over the years, Truman has become home to an incredible variety of different clubs, all representative of the unique interests of the student body. There’s one in particular, though, that stands out as being one of the very first: German Club. Truman’s German Club was founded in 1967, just three years after the school itself was built.  

German as a class can often be overlooked, so Frau Gipfert, Truman German teacher and club sponsor, thinks the club is essential to the promotion of the class. “Having a club to support the class is vital to recruiting new students for the class and to learn more about the culture that we might not do during class,” said Gipfert. In fact, her ambitions for the club go beyond just the classroom. “I would love to be able to do community service or something in the community to get more people involved,” she said, looking toward the future. “I would also love to do large-scale fundraisers to get people aware of the class and club.”

For German Club members, though, there’s plenty to keep them interested during meetings. “We usually have food of some sort,” said Gipfert. “I go over the cultural or historical event, and then we go over some sort of activity to commemorate it.” It’s a positive experience for club members to explore the culture and stories behind the language they’re learning, and the food is naturally a plus. But Gipfert’s main goal is a simple one. “I hope that the students who aren’t already in the class will take it next year,” she said, “and that students will fall in love with Germany even more after every club meeting.”

German Club is always a welcoming environment, for both beginners and those with experience in the language. Even if you’ve never taken a German class before, the club is open to you–it will give you a good idea of what the class is about. “If you have any interest at all in Germany’s culture or language, please join,” said Gipfert. “You won’t regret it!” 

German Club meets the last Friday of every month in room 130 until 3:30.

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