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Truman’s Top Plays: Episode 2 (video)

Sam Scott, Max Black, and Miguel Ramos take you on a journey from the pitch to the court and everywhere in between as they break down the top plays from Truman over the past couple of weeks.

The Top 10 Plays:

Honorable Mention – Chris Rhodes hauls in a touchdown over two Raytown defenders, but a penalty manages to call back a fantastic effort.

#10 – Noah Whisenhunt manages to stiff arm a poor Fort Osage defender all the way out of the frame and truck for a first down run.

Julie Wheaton makes her first appearance on top plays.

#9 – Senior Julie Wheaton celebrates senior night with her own little run with a monster kill and then an ace.

#8 – Katelynn Bragg and Molly Bradshaw become the first Truman girls’ golf duo to qualify for the state tournament.

#7 – Senior Chris Alessio delivers a beautiful chipped in goal, but it’s the viper celebration that really puts it over the top.

#6 – Quincy Scott hooks up with Chris Rhodes on the deep ball that’s reeled in with a little summersault action.

Chris Rhodes popped up all over the place in this episode of Truman’s Top 10.

#5 – This is a wild play that even loses the cameraman. Dmitri Smith struggles for extra yards on the run up the middle, and then unexpectedly fumbles. The fumble is picked up by Rhodes who dashes the rest of the way for a house call.

#4 – Chris Rhodes shreds the Belton defense on this punt return to put Truman in front of a ranked Belton squad.

#3 – Esteban Herrera takes some ankles and then a soul on this magical goal.

Who doesn’t love taking out their rivals in the waning moments like the boys’ soccer team did this month?

#2 – The Noland Road Rivalry is too much to be contained in one play. Enjoy the magical finish to this wild game.

#1 – Chris Rhodes completes a brilliant month by doing his best Randy Moss impersonation.

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