On Senior Nights and Empty Stadiums…


As senior nights get closer for Truman athletes, bittersweet feelings circulate the environment as teams aren’t getting the typical seasons they’re used to. As of right now, there are no student sections allowed at any ISD sporting events which has led to disappointment among the student body, and with athletes, game nights just aren’t as exciting anymore. 

Although student sections lack normalcy, Truman students are still making an attempt to attend any games that are possible at this point, such as football. Students gather in the grass in several areas surrounding the stadium and lay on blankets while still remaining socially distanced. School spirit definitely remains an element within the Truman student body.  

“My senior season is looking a lot different than the previous years but I have hope to have a full season this year. The four years have flown by, and I can’t believe it’s almost over,”  said Senior Ymani Rippy, cheerleader.

Among many athletes, the adjustments made to sports due to COVID have made this experience nothing but harder whether it comes to playing/performing with a mask on or having a different playing-environment.

Rippy agreed with these sentiments, “The hardest part of the season is probably the competition season. It looks very different this year. With COVID we have to compete virtually for one of our competitions and these competitions usually happen in the early and late fall and are now pushed back to winter.”

Senior year is one of the most exciting times in your life especially for students planning to attend college and athletes who are dedicated to playing college-level sports at the school of their dreams. Many athletes look forward to their senior season as it’s their last year to play their sport with your teammates and in high school. This year it’s a bit different not having as much excitement surrounding sports without having people attend games.

The empty stands are making athlete’s seasons feel less fulfilled since they have no one to “perform” in front of. It is imperative that we follow covid guidelines, but it makes it difficult for students to connect with their school with the loss of spectators at events. However,  it is even harder for the athletes who are used to playing in front of an eager audience who would hype them up. 

“I’m super excited to get a chance to play one more time, but at the same time, it’s heartbreaking knowing that I’m losing the sport I’ve relied on and loved all these years,” said senior Nicole Davis, senior libero for the volleyball team. 

Senior season is a huge time for future-college-athletes and for celebrating their overall progress in their sportsmanship/skill and reminiscing on all of the games played with their team. 

With athletes anticipating their seasons and seniors waiting for their special night, the Truman community is trying to rack up school spirit with themed spirt weeks, to make these troubling times feel a little more welcome. I encourage everyone to offer support to our school’s sports teams and do what you can to make these times a little easier for everyone as it may be some of our last chances to do so. Do what you can to show up and support to your high school teams while you still can.

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