The Rise of Esports


  Esports is finally becoming popular among colleges, so popular that more colleges are expanding on their gaming degrees. Just last year the University of Staffordshire launched its bachelor’s and master’s esports programs. The program basically teaches students marketing and management skills specifically for that industry. 

Esports is expected to see more growth in the next year with more of the college courses expanding to Britain’s Chichester University which is located in Asia. Although Esports is just now becoming popular in colleges the market for global Esports is expected to increase by 1.1 billion dollars this year. Most of the money  is made from brand investments like G-Fuel energy drinks and various chip brands. People from all over the world participate in big esports tournaments be it money, or fame, or simply for the fun of it. This is where big moments happen. People tune in on all devices or attend in person to watch their favorite team play in the tournament. This brings hype for both the players and the viewers to bring out their very best.

Esports is growing very fast due to the advanced technology that now exists for better gaming experiences. It’s also expected to smash the competition when it comes to audience. It’s expected they will earn more viewers than any sport not named football by 2021.

There are also very familiar faces among gamers such as the famous Fortnite streamers Ninja and Shroud. These two are the first thing people think of when it comes to videogames, and they are inspirational to the young gamer generation.  In a way they’re some of the first superstars of a new sports league. In the same way Joe DiMaggio, Roger Staubach, and Wilt Chamberlain helped popularize their sports through their status symbols as icons within the sport and idols outside the lines, players like Ninja and Shroud are growing the game through their status and popularity. In conclusion, the Esport industry is growing simultaneously and becoming more popular by the second leading many to believe that gaming is the future.

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