Column: What Makes a Good Student?


As a student, you are expected to do many things. Getting good grades, having a high GPA, having your social life on the same page as your academics, and keeping a positive attitude even when you’re swimming, most likely drowning, in assignments are just a few of these things. Balancing all of this is a daunting task. With competition increasing, the easiest way to be successful in life is to learn to become a good student in school and out of school. Doing well in school will increase and open up a number of opportunities for your future. 

Some will argue that every student trying their personal best is a good student. People usually have a broad understanding of what a student should do, but the ideal student, someone who has a higher chance of being successful,  is someone with:

A Support System:

A very important thing to people, in general, is having someone as a support system, whether that be a friend, guardian, or teacher. Teachers have a very difficult job and they can make a big impact on students and have the potential to make them achieve something. What teachers say and do can affect what kind of person the student is when they grow up. The teachers and adults in their lives are role models. Some students don’t have the level of motivation needed. Their home lives aren’t the best, so they go into school with absolutely no regard for their future. The teachers can help them get on the right track no matter the amount of motivation present. 



Personal motivation, regardless of whether you came into school with it,  needs to be a factor before you leave. You must be willing to face struggles head-on as well as have a passion for learning and achieving things. A way to get the most out of your education is to have your goals in mind, both long-term and short-term. Your goals are a way for you to know where you want to be in a certain number of years, and keeps you on track. Our dreams and goals depend greatly on what we accomplish here.


Communication Skills: 

Being able to communicate is important for every student. You’re able to learn more from your teachers when you ask questions. It helps with the development of your career, job interviews, and being social. A couple of good ways to improve your communication skills are keeping eye contact, I’m aware that this is challenging for many people but it is a good way for you to show that you are paying attention. Another is simplifying, when people are nervous or just have a lot to say, they ramble. Rambling can lose people. 


Time Management: 

For a lot of students, finding time to get all of their schoolwork done is challenging. Learning how to manage your time now can help you in the future. You will always need to prioritize certain tasks. Starting in school would be a good way to get practice in as it creates a good organization habit that will be useful. 


Problem Solvers and Leaders: 

Being able to roll with the punches is a great skill. Not everything will go according to plan, so you need to think on your feet. Every student will have an issue that they will have to fix. The issue may be unfair, but it happens. Taking action will also help you get more practice as a leader.



Being a good student isn’t all about getting good grades. You also need to be involved in sports, clubs, and/or their community. There are so many things to choose from, it can be something you’re interested in or a new thing you’re willing to try. This involvement looks amazing and exactly what colleges and universities are looking for. It can also be fun.

You don’t need to have all of these things right now. You still have time, but working on them will get you more prepared for your future. 

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