Young Life Comes to Independence


A club that has been around for decades in cities across the world just planted its roots in Independence. The activity happens outside of school, however, it brings together all Independence teens for one greater purpose: to grow in their faith while building relationships. September 17th is the launch date of the first event for the group, welcoming all teens to come and get involved. Taylor Schumann, a senior,  says “this is a good opportunity for our school to become a closer community”. 

All students need to find a group of people in high school that they feel comfortable around and are able to enjoy that time of their life with. “Young Life is a great opportunity to find your people,” Taylor said. She was able to find “her people” with Young Life. She found a group that genuinely cared about her and supported everything she was a part of. She found leaders that wanted to come to her events, friends who wanted to have fun while supporting  her in growing as a person, and an overall tight knit group who would never leave her side through the toughest of times. Young Life is a place that any student can come and not only feel welcomed, but they can also feel loved. 

After becoming part of Young Life Independence this summer and attending camp, she had a new outlook on life and new relationships with others. She says “I was able to have fun while finding people I related to”. She came back with a revived outlook on the upcoming school year and the interactions that she would have with others. “Young Life has helped me grow as a person, especially with empathy ” Taylor says. She was ready to grow an understanding of the students she saw everyday at school but had never talked to. 

 Understanding others feelings is a vital aspect of any positive community and something that every high school student could benefit from. This program gives students the opportunity to do just that. If all were able to get involved it would help Truman’s community to become more united and understanding. This would bring closer relationships with fellow classmates and teachers and an overall more welcoming atmosphere to the building. 

Bringing the Independence community together is what Young Life Independence is striving to do through the younger generation. The high schools are the main target as they begin this process. Adding attendance from Truman helps to bring them to their goal of a united community.

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