Review: Spyro Reignited


The original trilogy of Spyro came out in 1998 with subsequent games releasing 1999 and 2000. The games were the part of the time where graphics took a turn where the world was in view of the player. As years of gaming passed video game graphics improved  each year and each game kept getting new looks. For example Mortal Kombat went from looking like an arcade game to showing off cinematography that would make Roger Deakins blush. In Spyro’s case a two-dimensional world in an open world concept turned into an actual open world with the player seeing nature all around and trees that actually look like trees. As Toys For Bob took control over the Purple dragon from Insomniac games they announced the return of the dragon on April 5, 2018.

Amazing gameplay makes Spyro stand above the competition, from making Spyro “teach” himself to fly and complete certain tasks to fighting enemies and rescuing his fellow dragons. Spyro’s gameplay features players flying through the clouds trying to gather all the gems they can get in a timed manner to the player just ramming into enemies to send them flying. The returning players can experience the levels they loved as a child and re-solve puzzles from their youth. The levels remain just as fun as when they originally came out in 1998. As the game loads the returning players see the cut scene that started their favorite trilogy.

The games performed well on its release with the game being able to be played in 4k if the player had a Playstation 4 Pro. Even without the 4k option the game looked well above its former standard. Players with the PS4 Pro experienced 60 frames per second on 4k, while players on a regular PS4 only saw 30 frames per second on 1080p.

Since the original trilogy came out over two decades ago the adults who grew up with the purple dragon see how their children get to share in their experience. Although it looks different from the way the adults played it, the children get to play a game that is in their type of graphics.

Toys For Bob did great revamping the original trilogy. They were able to create a generational bonding experience between parent gamers and their children. The parents can play their favorite games like they’ve never seen it before. From dark colors and blank backgrounds the Reignited Trilogy showed the player that there is more than just blank backgrounds and vivid colors. Toys For Bob was able to bring back childhood memories so the people love that and gave the game a rating of 9/10.

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