Bracket Challenge Update: Final Four

What once was 68 teams has now dwindled itself down to just four teams, and according to brackets everywhere the final four is a complete shock. ESPN had less than .5% of their brackets include both Auburn and Texas Tech in the Final Four. Only three people in our entire contest were able to predict even two of the Final Four. No one in our contest predicted three of the final four.

Auburn and Texas Tech are both making their first Final Four appearances in school history. Virginia is making its first appearance since the days of Ralph Sampson. Michigan State is the only team that has consistently appeared in this stage of the tournament over the past two decades.

This tournament also provided us with one of the best weekends of basketball in the history of the tournament. Two of the elite eight games went into overtime. The other two games were tightly contested games all the way into the final minute of regulation.

In our competition, the results are nearly final. There are very few things that could happen to change these standings. Essentially, if Michigan State wins the title we’ll have a different winner. If Michigan State does not win the title then Drake Leighton-Floyd will win our school competition.

We want to thank everyone for playing. Here is a look at the standings heading into the Final Four.

Leader Board:

  1. Drake Leighton-Floyd – 77 pts
  2. Ben Day – 76 pts
  3. Logan Freers – 71 pts
  4. Cameron Robins – 69 pts
  5. Gillian Cook – 68 pts
  6. Hunter Donelson – 67 pts (11 points still available if Michigan State wins)
  7. Nicole Davis – 66 pts
  8. Olivia Lundquist – 65 pts (11 points still available if Michigan State wins)
  9. Jackson Abrams – 63 pts
  10. Justin Binnicker – 63 pts

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