Magic In the Making: Theater Begins Working on Fall Musical of ‘Cinderella”

By: Jaydon Dickenson

Braden James, script in hand, his lines in his mind, describes his first audition for one of our Truman high school productions. “My first experience, I was terrified,” he tells me “my singing wasn’t that good.” However, he explains that even through all of the fear, he was so glad he did it. For many students like James, the theater has become a beloved family over the course of their high school careers. Now it’s your chance to join the family too!

Auditions for Truman’s production of “Cinderella” are coming up soon! Sign ups are the week of September 27th through the 31st. You can pick either two audition of the 4th or 5th of September.

For those who are new to the process, you will pick a song and a script and take it home. You will have a week to learn a small part of the song and work on the script. You will come back on your selected audition date, and you will be split into 2 groups. One group will go with Mr. Meyer and Mrs. Carson and perform their script and song bit, and they will get some feedback on that. You will then switch with the other group, and go with Ms. Foose.

She will teach you and your group a part of a dance and you guys, as a group, will dance for her. After that you will go home, and within the next few days, there will be call backs, and finally the final cast paper. And that’s auditions!

Now, this production isn’t going to be exactly like the Disney one we all remember. According to James, our ITS (International Thespian Society) the performance is covering ‘The Roger and Hammerstein’ version, which is a little bit different from the Disney version. “There is not much dancing, but there is some waltzing for the guys.”

We also talked to Johanna Mortenson, or Jojo in the theater setting, who said that the cast is around thirty people. Both Jojo and James say that there are the known leads that everyone knows, such as Cinderella, the prince, the stepmother, and the sisters. There are also a lot of background characters. So if you’re not really feeling like going for a lead role but still want to be apart of the theater family, there is a spot for you. If you want to stay behind the scenes, crew is also a really cool experience. All in all, theater is welcome to everyone, so come audition and join the family!

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