Winter Weather Holds Back Spring Sports


Late March and early April is not a time you would expect to have snow and freezing cold,  thirty degree weather. The cold has lead to spring sports finding a practice place indoors, a significant amount of baseball games being cancelled, and outdoor practices running short.

It’s clear that some of the spring athletes aren’t very happy that they have to make up games everyday because of the weather.

“We would be lucky if we had a practice anytime in the next 2 weeks because we’re so far behind. We have a game almost everyday,” said baseball player Joey Renshaw.

For the track team most days they still go outside for their practices unless it’s too bad. “We have to learn to train through and that not everyday is going to be how we want it, but that’s when we overcome some minor adversities,” said Coach Summers.

When the cold days become even worse the girls soccer teams will train in the weight room and go outside for about an hour, but no longer because it’s just simply too cold.

These freezing temperatures have some of the spring sports teams on hold. Varsity baseball has racked up 15 postponed games over the course of the last three weeks and girls varsity soccer has a few games that they will make up later on in the season as well.

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