Truman’s Assassin From Deep


Erin Davis has become known around Truman High School and has lead our girls’ varsity basketball team to a top 20 rank in the state this year. The Patriot girls currently have 17 wins with some close losses along the road.

“I’m really happy with the team this year. We all move around the floor, communication is really good, and we can all make a lot of shots,” Davis said.

For Erin it all started when she was just little girl.

“I started basketball in first grade playing with my brother in the driveway all the time,” said Davis.

Since then Erin has clearly been playing nonstop and worked to improve.

She came into Truman freshman year and immediately earned a spot on the varsity team as Coach Steve Cassity looked to develop her even more.

“She has worked to become a more complete player. Erin has become a better driver and a stronger rebounder. Erin’s willingness to become a more diverse player has made us a much better team,”  said Cassity.

Erin is most known for her sharpshooting 3-point ability with a quick release. When she’s lighting it up from distance she’s also doing the thing that made her fall in love with the sport. In fact, it’s the first thing she remembers really enjoying about the sport.

Her head coach has been making good use of her special ability during her tenure at Truman and says,  “Erin has always been a tremendous shooter – one of the best I have ever coached.”

Davis’ skill didn’t just appear over night. It took years of hard work and a good support system around her to allow her to achieve at the highest level. “My teammates have always been inspiring and my brother was always pushing me to do better,” Davis said.

Cassity and Davis have always had a good relationship over the years too which has lead to success for both of them.

Cassity said, “Erin is an easy player to like.  She wants to be good.  She wants the team to win.  She plays hard, plays smart, and enjoys playing the game.  She has a great personality.  However, it is hard to be the head coach sometimes because you have to tell players hard truths.  Erin has listened even when it was tough.  I respect her for that. I am thankful to have coached Erin, to get to know her, and for the opportunity to share in that success.”  

The Patriots will need all of that skill and determination if they hope to continue their season. They will battle for the district championship Saturday afternoon.

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