Truman Presents: Cabaret


Opening night of Cabaret was extraordinary. With many well-rehearsed actors like Blake Savidge, Molly Ross, and Isaac Towne, the musical carried the audience from scene to scene at the edge of their seats.

Set in 1931 Berlin, about the time the Nazis were rising, “Cabaret” is as politically devoted musical that takes the audience through the transition between post-World War I depression into Hitler’s totalitarian Nazi Europe as two lovers, Sally Bowle (Molly Ross) and Clifford Bradshaw (Blake Savidge) interact with antagonist Ernest Ludwig (Isaac Towne) as he causes many difficulties for the couple throughout the play.

After talking with some of the leads, I learned that they each have been in previous musicals and put that experience into making this last one great.

Sally is a troubled character when it comes to love and the audience learns that from the start as they are told that Sally goes from home to home as she changes up guys as often as a pitcher would change the pitch. However, Sally settles down with the guy she meets at the Kit Kat Club, Mr. Clifford Bradshaw, but only temporarily.

The main antagonist, Ernest, who works for Hitler, asks Clifford to smuggle money for him and in turn that causes problems for the lovely couple.

It is not surprising that play was performed really well. Each character was exceptionally talented in their own ways. Savidge and Towne each have amazing voices as they each participate in the choir here at Truman as well. It is easy to give a great performance when you love doing what you’re doing.

“I really like music and doings shows,” Savidge said.

So much so that many of these actors, like Ross, have said that they will be pursuing acting and other parts of the arts in college.

Many actors in Cabaret got their love for theatre from other influences.

“My sister has been in plays and watching her made me want to be in plays,” Ross said.

Despite all of her hard work to become great, Ross believe that she was going to be casted as a background part in “I Remember Mama” but instead earned herself a significant part.

All of the actors love acting and a good majority of them were surprised at this years’ plot line.

“I thought it was crazy that we got away with putting on this musical because it exceeds the ‘social standards’,” Towne said.

It was a well-spent three hours. With a full five star rating.

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