Trump’s Election Sparks Protests


Since the presidential election ferocity has risen to a new level in the United States. With Donald Trump being the president-elect of the United States have sparked up around the country.

According to CNN protests stretch from “New York to Atlanta to San Diego”.  They report that “thousands of people have taken to the streets. The protests have been largely peaceful, but some have turned violent. In Portland, OR, police described one as a riot after vandals threw objects at officers and damaged cars.”

A lot of Americans are afraid of the possible outcomes of a Trump regime, and in the protests people shared that Trump is “not their president” regardless of the election results. It’s been reported that some are willing to accept the fact that he is president, but the part that is most unfavorable is the fact that they feel like their vote doesn’t count or have as much worth as believed to be.

Another form of peaceful protesting for our generation is the usage of social media and other media forums. Recently there was a petition called “Dump Trump” that nearly 80,000 people signed.  These signatures include celebrities, political leaders, and religious leaders. According to the website http://www.stophatedumptrump.com, the petition exists “to speak out in every way possible against the politics of hate and exclusion he represents.”  Protesters have caused residents to petition for the removal of Trump’s name from one of his apartment complexes. All of this is done out of anger in appearance, but I think the bad thing is that the motivation is actually fear and the feeling of hopelessness.

Some Americans are mad at the protesters because some have not maintained a necessarily peaceful protest. On the other hand some feel like the peaceful route was simply casting their vote, and now those same people feel like their ballot didn’t count.  They fear the fact that the only thing that will count and be understood is chaos.

This is one of the biggest political reactions we have seen from America as a majority in a while. This is one of the first times since 9/11 where America came together to stand against something in favor of each other.  However, we have to ask ourselves this question.  Will the unity of America against the president change anything in the near future?

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