Wikileaks role in the election and the evolution of media


A well conceived phenomena for most Americans is the query that maybe presidents aren’t elected but more so selected by higher government officials and the powers that be. The quandary that has arisen within the latest news this year, is the fact that more information is coming out in the media supporting this fraught phenomena. Julian Assange started an organization that publishes private information. Who is Julian Assange? He is an Australian computer programmer, publisher and journalist. In 2006 he created Wikileaks, a non profit media forum that gives anonymous information. For some of us this may be the first time hearing about this organization. But during this year’s election it definitely had a significant hand in permeating notions about the candidates. In fact according to the New York Times “Ecuador said Tuesday that it had cut off Julian Assange’s access to the internet in his exile in the country’s London embassy, making clear that it feared being sucked into an effort to ‘interfere in electoral processes’ in the United States by the activities of the WikiLeaks founder.” Including very much so, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.  Clinton’s email archives were exposed during her federal investigation, and  there have been contentions between her and the organization, specifically with Assange due to him being the chief editor and founder. Lately his life has been a concern just because of the type of information he’s putting out, and whose information it is.

According to WikiLeaks Heavily armed ‘police’ appear outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Julian Assange has political asylum.”

He has been in this hotel for the last 4 years according yournewswire.com. The true question is whether this type of media is advisable for our country? Or is it too disturbing to even ruminate the suggestion that our government is as just as corrupt and secretive as the other countries try to contend. I think that this is the evolution of media that America, let alone the world has been waiting for. The layers under the facade that the major news feeds try to propagate. The thing about media and information that people provide is that you should always wonder why are they giving me this and what about this are they not telling me completely?  And I think Wikileaks is the part of the story that mainstream media’s managed to “forget” or exclude from us. With that being said for those of us who are interested in information, Assange and the organization Wikileaks is exactly what’s needed, the evolution of media.  Unfortunately, the cost of this for Assange is his freedom. For us this is the chance for us to open our eyes as citizens.


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