On YouTube Drama Begets More Drama



Drama leads to drama, which creates more drama in turn. On YouTube, this converts into clicks and money, fueling the continuation of the drama machine.

Last week, Markiplier, a Youtuber with 14.3m subscribers, uploaded a video talking about the struggles of ‘creativity vs. popularity’ on YouTube, and the way that some creators have developed feelings of elitism in their desire to become more popular on the website. The video kicked up a fuss with multiple YouTubers suddenly diving in front of their webcams to talk about drama, but the conversation became unavoidable when Pewdiepie weighed in on the debate.

There is a topic churning that smaller users have started making fake videos pointed at creating drama for the sole purpose of gaining attention from big audiences and to make money.  Pewdiepie, youtuber with 47.8m subscribers, tweeted that people are making $0.20 by spending $0.02. Many people like the audience members take the fake videos as if they were real, which in turn results in more talk about bigger youtubers.

Pewds speaks very candidly about his thoughts on the drama within his community, “I can’t think of anything more stupid to waste your time on, but it seems that the Internet would disagree with me on that one”.

“I rarely ever talk about YouTube,” KSI, a Youtuber with 14.4 million subscribers, had a few responses to the drama that Pewds and Mark have kicked up. Someone needed to say it because no one else will, especially because these guys are big YouTubers. He then jumps straight to the point after watching Markiplier’s video in the addition to PewDiePie’s video but was left with one very serious question… “what is the point of this?!”.

One of the most important things KSI points out is that in a video discussing the way YouTubers talk about drama for views and money, PewDiePie had monetised his OWN video on the topic and was in turn making money by weighing in; “PewDiePie talked about how YouTubers are jumping on these ‘drama topics’ because they know it’s going to get them more views… but haven’t you JUST done that?!”.
By the end of the video, KSI points out that talking about drama creates more drama, and both Markiplier and Pewdiepie’s video achieved nothing in the grand scheme of things other than perpetuating a wider conversation. He even points out that PewDiePie wasn’t “being a man” by purposefully avoiding the names of any YouTube channels in his video even though the targets were clear to every single person. one of whom KSI names as KeemStar’s channel, DramaAlert.



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