Students Celebrate Spirit Week


It’s that time again Truman! Saturday Sept. 17 many students will be attending the Homecoming dance. The Homecoming dance coincides with the 150th anniversary of the school district. Like always Truman is having a spirit week to get people pumped for the game against Van Horn and then the dance on Saturday. This week’s spirit week is themed around students taking a blast to the past to represent all the history behind the district. Truman students have outstanding Patriot pride. On “Movie Star Monday” students wore prom dresses and fancy clothes, dressed to walk down the red carpet. “Totally Teen Tuesday” brought on a lot of tye-dye and 80s work out as they dressed as teens from earlier decades.


Students brought out the tin foil and antennas for“Way Ahead Wednesday” wearing what they think people would dress like in the future. “Through Ages Thursday” seniors dressed like senior citizen, juniors as adults, sophomores as toddlers and freshmen as babies and all faculty as college students.


“ Freedom Friday” have students buying the town out of red, white, and blue beads and face paint as students get pumped for the game.To up the spirit even more, students will attend the Homecoming assembly to see which grade level has enough spirit to win Timmy. In addition to dressing up with spirit, students decorated the halls with Truman pride.


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