Leafyishere vs Keemstar: YouTube Drama


In the Past Drama Alerts host Keemstar (YouTube news channel, with about 1.4m subs) has caused so much drama. Some of the things Keemstar has done are giving out false information and causing people to hate youtubers for no reason. Supposedly Keem has started handing out youtubers personal information, and according to many youtubers and youtube fans his statements are slowly becoming more false. Keemstar’s channel was originally based on news although it seems he purposely takes things the wrong way to start drama for his benefit, it is almost impossible to count how many feuds and rivalries he has heated. In the opinions of others Keem has done many wrong things to many different youtubers and this time he took it a step too far and messed with the wrong youtuber.

One of Ecy’s (a small YouTuber that makes rant videos with about 84k subs) friends sent him a four second video that was supposedly proof another youtuber, by the name of Leafyishere (YouTuber with about 4.5m subs who makes gameplay commentary videos ), had been subbotting (subotting is paying for fake accounts or robots to subscribe to your channel and like your videos), due to the rumors of Leafy’s channel picture on proposed website. Ecy thought this was enough proof and called Leafy out on it. tweet-1

Leafy wasn’t able to prove the false information. Keemstar found out about the video and how Leafy had supposedly subbotted deciding to make his own video about it adding fuel to the fire. He stated that he had several encounters with Leafy and that Leafy had tried to pressure him to subbott. The fire infested drama lacked any evidence what-so-ever and it helped to throw other users over the the boiling point. Keemstar had no video or audio proof that this conversation actually happened . Leafy became upset and decided to call out Keemstar and Ecy for their lack of proof and how the “proof” Ecy had could easily be fake.

As many stars began to realize the mistakes in the accusations they sent out apologies. Ecy realized his mistake and then made an apology video to Leafy stating how he was sorry and that he understands now how the “proof” was fake.

Despite the already proven accusations, Keem continued and began calling out other users like Scarce(Leafy’s Friend) saying that he had made completely false allegations even though it is extremely obvious it is fake. The two began dueling it out and talk of slander came up. According to Leafy, Scarce threatened to take Keem to court over the nonsense. It is obvious that Leafy would choose Scarce over Keem. Leafy then said that there is a chance that he will actually take Keemstar to court on this as well .Many well known youtubers are getting tired of Keem’s slander and false words. Shorbie is another youtuber who is also one of Leafy’s friends.  He is a website designer, and he tweeted that anyone can put anyone’s channel on subboting website. Shorbie proved that its all fake and he also put Drama Alert on the subbotting website to make a joke about Keemstar.

Then not long after, Keem starts another rumor, it was that Leafy had bribed Ecy to take down the video.  Ecy found out about Keem’s tweet and decided to address it in his own video. In the video he stated that he had never been bribed. He also stated that he had never had any actual contact with Leafy. He said the only type of contact they had had was when Leafy made the video addressing this whole thing.

Keem’s main position is pure drama ,although currently there isn’t much being talked about. Keem is still continuing to harass Leafy and his fan base. He said horrible and rude things about Leafy and his fans. It has slowed down a little bit. Leafy has not come out about the lawsuit yet, but there should be some news on it soon.

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