Changing the new school year



Truman High School student spirit is off the charts amazing for the 2016-17 school year. From attending football games, sitting in the student section cheering their team on. To school assemblies and dances many students are excited for the year..

Its that time again, school has started and kids now fill the halls of Truman High School ready for a great year. Over the summer Truman received many new changes, changes that students wanted as well as ones no one knew they needed, changes from new hall pass procedure to new school release times.

Instead of using the agendas for hall passes to go to the restroom, office or nurse. Truman has incorporated an easier way of out-of-class time. Having students fill out a lanyard with their destination on it, as well as a sign out sheet will limit the number of students out in the hallway at any given time, where students go, what time the teacher expects them to return, on this paper recording what time you left the classroom.

Another change to this school year at Truman no longer is released at 2:15 everyday. Instead on regular schedule days–Monday, Tuesday, and Friday–the release time is 2:23. On block days–Wednesdays and Thursdays–school dismisses at 1:50. Many students at Truman like the earlier dismissal time on block days but if you’re an athlete you would disagree considering that you are required to stay behind in the cafeteria until 2:45 when your practice begins. The school has made it easier for those students by bringing guest speakers such as Kareem Richardson, UMKC Head Basketball Coach, on Wednesdays and allowing students to go to library for study halls on Thursdays. One of the more popular changes this year is returning to the five minute passing times.  Many students appreciated the extra minute, it allowed ample time between, decreasing the number of tardies.

The first day of school, Aug. 11, brought a fun-filled assembly with exciting ways to start the year off right. From eating donuts off of a string to watching the newlywed teachers compete in a lip syncing contest, Truman’s 2016-17 school year has so many things in store students won’t even see it coming.


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