Truman’s New ID Policy Takes Action

By: Regan Henning

Complaints of all kind chime through the air such as “ew mine’s so bad,” or “my pictures are always so ugly.” This is a regular high school picture day. The students who aren’t happy with their pictures are going to remain unhappy with the fact that this year, students have to wear them visibly when leaving any class.

Picture day took place August 28th during students’ English class. As soon as students were done they received their ID from a table close by. Everyone is now required to wear the IDs if they leave the class. This policy has been set in place for security reasons.

In the past, many students from other schools have been caught wandering the halls and causing problems. To get rid of that risk, the ID’s will be worn visibly to ensure students only of Truman High School are present in the building.They can be very helpful, mainly with identifying people.

Truman has promoted the ID policy quite a bit and wants to make sure everyone is following it. Academies have handed out lanyards so students can wear their ID’s out of class if they didn’t already have one. This is something admins and teachers are serious about.

Quite a few students are against this rule because they feel it isn’t necessary. However, students of all kind and grade levels are required to wear their ID’s. Some people might not know who they are, especially some teachers, and they might stop and ask to see the ID. If the person didn’t bring it because they thought it would be fine, they could get sent back to class.

Now, let’s look at the part everyone will like. ID’s can get students through the lunch line faster because, instead of typing your student number in, you can scan your ID and go. The same goes for checking out books at the library, you can just scan your ID. These changes have made lines much faster and have allowed students to get in and out places with little problems. This along with safety have made this policy worth having, despite the complaints.

This new rule might not sit well with the people, but this new safety policy has the potential to prevent many intruders, and make sure everyone inside Truman remains safe. As for the kids, picture day has gone from bad to worse.